Building Confidence


If there is one thing that my anxiety has had an effect on, it would definitely be my confidence. When you’re constantly worrying about whether you’re doing something right or wrong, it’s really difficult to feel confident about yourself. It’s something that I have struggled with for a long time.

But my anxiety is not the only reason why I have found myself having low-esteem and feeling less than confident. For as long as I can remember, I have used self-deprecating humor to make jokes and relate to people. I think it’s great to laugh at yourself every once in a while, but being too self-deprecating can also take a toll on your confidence and how you view yourself as a person.

In the last few months, I’ve made a big effort in working on improving my confidence. Through all of this effort, I have come up with a few ways to help myself feel more confident every day, and that’s what I wanted to share with all of you, especially if you’ve been lacking confidence lately!


One of the easiest ways that I have been able to build confidence is through practice. That applies to pretty much everything in my life. I remember back when I was first learning to drive a car, I was so nervous about it and didn’t feel confident at all that I would be able to drive. But through practicing every day and really pushing myself to drive over and over, I began to feel more confident. I’m honestly still a pretty nervous driver, but I was able to conquer my fear and have the confidence that I needed to drive, and that is a great success to me.

That’s just one example where practice has helped me to build my confidence. Every time that I have practiced something over and over, I have become more confident. Whether it’s driving a car or preparing to give a presentation, practice really does make perfect, as cheesy as that sounds.


Next, here’s another great idea that I got from reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero: affirmations. Affirmations are sentences or phrases that affect both the conscious and unconscious mind, and when you repeat them, you can manifest positive things in your life.

I had heard about affirmations before, and I truly thought they sounded pretty silly. I didn’t know how repeating words over and over could do anything to help me. However, in the pursuit of building up my confidence and self-esteem, I decided to try it out. Over the past year, I have gone on more job interviews than I can count. Because I am an anxious person, job interviews can be really difficult for me, and I often find myself feeling unconfident going into them.

Before one of my last job interviews, I decided to repeat over and over in my head how successful I was going to be, and how I was qualified and great for the job that I was interviewing for. I did this all the way up until my interview, and I have to say it really helped me. It felt a little weird to repeat these things over and over, but I found that the interview went much smoother than normal and I was able to get through it with more confidence than I normally do.

I think this is a great way for me to increase confidence before going into things like interviews, but I also try to repeat affirmations when I find myself thinking self-deprecating thoughts or feeling a little down. It’s amazing to me how a few small repeated words can make such a big difference in my confidence levels, but as long as it keeps helping, I’ll continue doing it!

Finally, my last tip to gaining confidence would be to look into meditation. I mentioned using meditation already on my anxiety post, but I think this applies to confidence building as well.

During guided meditations, especially ones that are focused on improving self-esteem and confidence, positive things are repeated over and over. Affirmations are often involved in meditation as well. I like to use these guided meditations before I go to sleep, because I can then go to bed feeling relaxed and having higher confidence, making for an easier rest.

Even just taking a few minutes to stop thinking and picture yourself accomplishing that thing you want or doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do can do wonders for your confidence. If you can picture yourself being confident, you will be confident. I’m still not sure how that works exactly, but it’s something that has always worked for me.


Those are just a few ways to build confidence, but they have helped me a lot, and I hope they will be able to help some of you too! Do you have ways that you build your own confidence? Feel free to share them with me, I’d love to hear about them!



3 thoughts on “Building Confidence

  1. Lovely post, just reading it kind of got me charged up for the day. Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with and I really identify with your suggestions of affirmations because as silly as they seem at first just telling yourself it’s going to be fine and you’re going to do great seems to work wonders on the nerves. Not only just repeating them but having them written down as a reminder. If you keep any sort of journal or agenda I find it helpful to write down affirmations throughout the pages or sometimes even change my phone background to a confidence boosting quote. Thanks for these tips, they’re great reminders for anyone whose confidence doesn’t come naturally. x


    1. I totally agree, affirmations always seem to work for me for some reason. I’ve kept so many journals over the years, but never consistently! I’ve been thinking of starting one now though because it’s calming, so that’s definitely a good idea to add in affirmations! 🙂 And I’m glad this post got you charged up for the day, that makes me so happy!

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