The Importance of Treating Yourself


Fridays are always the best days, and I hope everyone is having a relaxing start to their weekends! I am writing this from our camp on Lake Winnipesaukee, which finally has Internet access. We’ve been here since yesterday, and I’m proud to say that I haven’t actually whipped out my laptop until now.  I generally try not to focus too much on my phone and other devices, especially when I’m here surrounded by nature, but it’s nice to check in once and a while, right?

Today, I wanted to talk about the importance of treating yourself, and really, coming up here to Lake Winnipesaukee has always been a form of treating myself. When I’m here, I don’t really have to think about anything other than enjoying the sunshine and being with family. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it’s definitely my happy place, and I love being able to relax while I’m here. It’s actually only about a half hour away from my house, but it definitely feels like a mini vacation whenever we’re here.


Being at the lake is definitely a treat, but I was actually initially inspired to write about treating yourself earlier this week on Wednesday. Generally speaking, I like to save my money and I get really nervous whenever I make big purchases, because I’m always trying to think ahead. You never know when you might need a little extra cash. A few months ago I bought a new car, and let me tell you, even though I knew it was a necessary and important thing, it was still hard to let go when I was writing the check for the down payment!

Anyway, on Wednesday I happened to be in a shoe store with my mom and sister, and before going in, I tried to reason with myself because I really didn’t need any new shoes. I had throughly convinced myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything, and then I saw all of the shoe sales going on. So I definitely caved and bought a pair of white Shoreline Slip On Converse, which I had been eyeing up for years!


I’ve loved Converse since middle school, and I love the comfort of slip-on anything, so I decided to go for it after trying them on! They only ended up being $48, which is not bad for shoes in my opinion, and I liked the idea of treating myself to something that I had been wanting for a while.

It’s definitely really hard for me to treat myself sometimes, because I always feel like I should be putting money to a better use or using it to help better someone else. Like I said earlier, I try really hard to save money as well, so I’m always trying to weigh the real benefits of using the money toward that thing I’m wanting.


The real point of this post is not to show off my new shoes (even though I am still pretty excited about them!) I think a lot of times, we end up putting off things we really want, either because we think it’s too frivolous, too expensive, or too self-indulgent. Now, obviously, treating yourself too much can also be detrimental, because you’re definitely going to run out of money or not make enough time for productive things. In the long run though, it’s not going to hurt you to do something or buy something that makes you happy, no matter how frivolous it might be.


Later on in the day, I also bought this book, The Girls by Emma Cline. I guess you could say that I decided to have a whole day of treating myself, because lord knows I have more than enough books already! But it was still nice to pick something new for myself, and I know that I will really end up enjoying it.


I’ve only talked about treating yourself by buying things, but there are other ways you can treat yourself without spending a penny. Let’s say you just want to stay home in your pajamas and read all day, but you feel like you’d be wasting the day away and don’t want to be seen as lazy. Go for it! Sure, if you do that all the time it might not be so great, but there’s nothing wrong with taking time out to treat yourself to a day of relaxation.

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a day that I decided to stay in and relax, and you shouldn’t either! Too often, we feel like we always have to be racing around and doing things that will lead to another success in our life. Buying that book or taking that hour out to take a relaxing bath don’t seem like the best ways to spend our time and money, but they will still bring happiness to our lives, which is so important.

It’s hard for me to treat myself a lot of the time, but I’m glad that I took the time out to do that this week. I encourage all of you to do so as well, because there’s nothing wrong with a little extra relaxation and happiness! What are your favorite ways to treat yourself? I’d love to know!





2 thoughts on “The Importance of Treating Yourself

  1. Love the slip on converse, they look so comfy! Books are definitely a go to treat yourself item for me as well, and new lipstick, those are my two big ones. But I’m also like you in the sense that I don’t like spending money, especially on things, so it’s a process to remind myself that it’s okay. Anyway, great post! Hope you enjoy your time at the lake. x


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