I hope everyone has had a great week so far. My birthday was yesterday, and I still can’t believe I’m actually 25! Back when I was in high school, 25 seemed pretty old to me. While I feel older in some ways, I definitely don’t feel like a “real” adult.

I do think I have grown in so many important ways in the past year though. A big one obviously has to do with my health. Before this year, I cared about eating healthy and working out, but I never really put a lot of thought into it. Gaining a little extra weight in the past couple of years was a definite catalyst for starting my weight loss journey this year, and I am so glad I did. Any time I had tried to lose weight in the past, I never really stuck with it, but there was just something about this year that made me really want to change.


I haven’t changed just physically this year. Mentally, I am at a really good place right now. I am also much more confident. I am being completely honest when I say that before this year, I would never have wanted to be open about anything to do with my health or weight. I like the support that I have received from my family and friends, but it was definitely scary for me to start posting about losing weight and sharing that with so many people that I might not know through this blog.

I am very glad that I decided to do that though. I have learned so much about myself and have had the chance to connect with so many people here who motivate me to go further on this journey. So thank you to everyone who has supported me by reading these blog posts, it means so much to me!


When it came time to ask for what I wanted for my birthday, it took me a while to figure out what I should ask for. I have been truly blessed in my life, and I don’t necessarily need anything at this point. I decided to go with things that I can use to improve my running and keep track of my fitness.

Although I have been loving my Brooks Ravenna 6 shoes for running, they were starting to get worn out because I’ve had them for a few years now. It was time for a new pair. We have a Nike outlet near us and I love looking at all of the options whenever I go, so I decided to try a pair out from Nike this year.


I’ve mentioned this before, but because I have flat feet and tend to overpronate, it’s really important to me to find shoes that are comfortable. I tried on a couple of pairs in the store, and decided to go with the Air Zoom Pegasus 33 running shoes. These are really comfortable with soft cushioning. What I really like about them is that they feel secure on my feet. Because I have flat feet, I always find that my feet are sliding around in my shoes. With these, my feet stay put, making it easier to have a good workout.

These are technically marketed as a neutral shoe, but so far they seem cushioned enough for me. While it’s a little too early to tell how they’ll work out, I used them for running this morning and they were really comfortable! They’re definitely different from what I was wearing before, but I have a good feeling about them. There’s just something about getting a new pair of shoes that makes you really excited, and I am excited to use them more in the coming weeks.


The other birthday gift I got this year was a Fitbit Alta HR. I’ve had a Fitbit before, but the one I was using a couple of years ago was a little too thick and clunky for me to wear on a daily basis. I did like being able to track my steps and sleep though, so I thought I would give it another try with this thinner, sleeker version. I noticed immediately how much easier it is to connect my Fitbit to my phone. It even displays text messages across the small screen when they come through!

While I do my daily workouts regularly, I have to admit that outside of those workouts, I am sitting for most of the day. The Fitbit will buzz every hour if you haven’t been moving to remind you to start walking around again. I have been trying to be conscious about what I’m doing during the day and how long I’m sitting, so I am hoping this feature will help me to be more active outside of my workouts.

In addition to seeing how many steps I really take, I was also interested in finding out more about how I’m sleeping. Overall I think I do get enough sleep, but since Fitbit breaks it up into light sleep, REM sleep and deep sleep, I thought it would be interesting to see what my quality of sleep really is. There are definitely days I get up and don’t really feel well-rested, so it will be helpful to get an in-depth look at what my sleep cycle is like. Of course you always wonder about the accuracy of things like this, but even just a general map of how I sleep each night will be helpful to check out.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what I got for my birthday and how I’ve grown since my last birthday. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration about products that might help you on your own weight loss journeys.

Do any of you have Fitbits? How do you like it? What do you like the most about them? I’d love to see what you think!




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