Running Update #10

I hope everyone is having a great week! Since I am running up to 14 minutes at a time now, I definitely wanted to update everyone on how I’ve been doing with my running training. At this point, my running workout consists of running 14 minutes, walking 6 minutes, and then running another 14 minutes.


That means I’m running a total of 28 minutes now, which is so crazy! Obviously I’m not doing it all at once, but it’s exciting to see that every week I’m getting closer and closer toward my goal of running a full 5K. I’m doing a 17-minute mile right now, which includes both running and walking. That’s definitely a slow pace, but I’m not as concerned with how fast I am at this point. Just the fact that I’m running more than I ever have before is enough for me. Just a few short months ago I couldn’t run at all, and that’s something that I always try to think about when I’m feeling discouraged about how slow I am.

Every week I can see small improvements. Something I’ve noticed in these past two weeks is that my lungs are slowly getting used to all of the running I’m doing. When I first started running, I was wheezing and my lungs definitely felt sore. This has always happened to me when I did a hard workout, and I definitely think it has something to do with exertion and not breathing as deeply as I need to during the workout. There are definitely still days when I get a stitch in my side or my lungs hurt after running, but overall my lungs feel so much stronger. When you regularly work out, it’s awesome to see how your appearance starts changing over time, but it’s also great to see how these workouts improve your body inside and out.


As you can see above, I am also edging closer toward 500 calories burned during a running workout! I had definitely burned 400 calories during a workout before I started running, but I can’t remember a time that I’ve ever gotten close to 500 calories burned. I knew running was difficult before I started this whole adventure, but I never really thought about how many calories you could burn just from running. The best part is that you can do it in a short amount of time. I have used the excuse of not having enough time in a day to skip out on a workout before, so it’s exciting to find a high-intensity workout that can burn a good amount of calories quickly.


I have also been enjoying using my new FitBit to track my daily workouts. I never realized how many steps I’m actually taking when I run, so it has been interesting to calculate that. In fact, the majority of my steps come from the hour that I spend working out, which just proves how essential working out is. On my rest day this weekend, I only reached about 2,000 steps. To be fair, I was at our camp on an island, so there wasn’t much to really walk to, but still, I think it’s a good reminder of how important it is to get your body moving. Having this FitBit has made me feel so much more motivated to workout, and I’m excited to see how running will affect my daily steps in the future.


Because running shoes are so essential to running, I also wanted to give a little update about those new running shoes I got last week. Unfortunately, despite how amazing they look on my feet, they are definitely not the right shoes for me. After that first run in them I was feeling pretty good, but I soon discovered that my legs tightened right up after running in them. It was clear that there wasn’t enough support for my arches.

I did run a second time in them just to make sure I didn’t like them, and my feet felt really unstable. As it turns out, people with flat feet really shouldn’t settle for neutral shoes. I really liked the look of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33s, but comfort is more important than looks. They make stability running shoes for a reason, and in my case, I really do need the extra support. I always think that stability shoes look clunky and thick, which is why shopping for running shoes can be very frustrating. I think everyone wants shoes that look good. In the end though, I think sacrificing looks is necessary when finding the right shoe for my flat feet.

Luckily my little sister, who has high arches and is starting to get more interested in working out, loves my new Nikes, so I was able to give them to her. Who knows, maybe the new shoes will inspire her to start running as well! Because I wanted to make sure I got the right shoes this time, I decided to do some research and really look into what shoes will be good for flat-footed runners like me. After seeing all of the great reviews, I have settled on Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17. I got them through Zappos, and I’m expecting them to come in tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had really good luck with Brooks sneakers, so I can’t wait to see these shoes in person and start running in them. I’m definitely more confident about these ones because of all of my research as well.

I just wanted to mention this experience with my new running shoes to encourage everyone to do research before purchasing a pair. While you probably don’t have flat feet like me, it’s still so important to figure out what kind of arch you have and whether you have a tendency to overpronate or underpronate. The kind of shoes you have will determine the quality of your workout, so really think about what kind of sneakers you need before you invest in them. I didn’t truly appreciate the importance of a supportive running shoe until I ran in ones that didn’t have enough support for me.

I hope that you have enjoyed this running update. As always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any good running advice, I’m always interested in hearing about people’s experiences!



2 thoughts on “Running Update #10

  1. Congrats on your progress!!! Seeing others improve as they continue to work hard always inspires me to keep pushing which is something I really need right now when motivation is low so thanks for sharing! x


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