Switching It Up!

Lately I’ve been really into switching things up in terms of my diet. I’m definitely a person who gets obsessed with certain foods, but I’m also making an effort to try new things and check out different ways of doing things. With today’s post, I wanted to share a couple of new things that I’ve tried in the past couple of weeks. I hope it gives you some good ideas for your own healthy journeys!


One new routine that I’ve been enjoying is drinking lemon water every morning before my coffee. I recently started following Katherine Garbarino (kgmtl) on Instagram, and I have been really loving learning all of her tips and tricks about healthy living. KG isn’t a licensed professional or expert, but she is very knowledgable about many areas of health. Because of her own struggles with weight gain and digestive issues, she became very invested in researching holistic ways of curing health problems. Anyways, long story short, one of the things she recommends is drinking lemon water every morning.

Now, I’m definitely not one to follow someone blindly, especially when it comes to health, but I had already heard many good things about lemon water, so I decided to try it out for myself! According to a Cleveland Clinic article, lemon water has been said to aid digestion, help you stay hydrated, help with weight loss, prevent oxidation, supply vitamin C, provide a potassium boost, and help prevent kidney stones. There are also claims that it helps with skin and makes you feel happier.

For my lemon water, I use about a cup of lukewarm water and squeeze half a lemon into it. I chose to use warm water instead of cold because it makes it easier for your body to break down foods. Also, most importantly, I always use a straw when I drink lemon water. Because of lemon’s acidity, it can potentially damage tooth enamel. I already tend to have sensitive teeth, so I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to consuming lemons and lemon juice!

Because I’ve only picked up this routine for about a week and a half, I can’t say definitively whether it has truly helped with digestion and everything else, but it has helped me feel less bloated. In fact, since I’ve started drinking lemon water, I’ve already dropped a couple of pounds. Since starting this weight loss journey I haven’t gained any of the weight back, but there are some times when I’ll be stuck at a certain weight for a couple of weeks. I was at one of those points when I started drinking lemon water. I can’t say for certain if lemon water is the sole cause of me losing those stubborn pounds, but it’s definitely helped me feel generally lighter than usual. I’m interested to see how my body will improve after an extended time of drinking lemon water. I haven’t encountered any negative side effects so far, so I’m game to continue with this new routine.


Like I said at the beginning of this post, I tend to get obsessed with certain foods, like oatmeal for breakfast or Yasso bars for dessert at night. While I enjoy the consistency of that, I also think it’s important to try new things so you don’t get bored. This week I was inspired by an amazing blogger Taralynn over at Simply Taralynn to make egg cups for lunch on Wednesday. Taralynn is someone I’ve been following since my freshman year of college, back when she only had a Tumblr page. She tends to focus many of her posts on healthy recipes and healthy living, and I absolutely love reading her recap posts every week. In one of her recent posts, she talked about these egg cups she made as an easy prep food that can be used throughout the week. They looked delicious and super easy, so I was eager to try them!

First, you start off with spraying a muffin pan with cooking spray and pre-heating the oven to 375. Then, you whip some eggs together like you are making scrambled eggs, and pour a little bit of mixture into each individual space, so that it’s about 3/4 of the way filled. You could just leave it there, but I also chopped up some green peppers and sprinkled a bit into each “muffin.” I also topped it off with a little bit of shredded Mexican cheese. After that, you can place them in the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes, taking them out when the center is set.

Full disclosure here: I am not a chef by any means and cooking definitely doesn’t come naturally to me, so I was pleasantly surprised when this recipe came out delicious. Obviously, this is not the most complex, crazy thing you could make, but that’s what I like about it. Anyone would be able to make these successfully. They taste just like mini egg souffles, and they would be perfect for a quick breakfast, especially if you need something fast before heading out to work. I’m excited to try different veggie combinations and prepare things ahead of time so I can use them all week. It’s inspired me to try new things, so definitely keep an eye out for any fun recipe posts in the future! And check out Taralynn’s blog for other inspiring and interesting health posts.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about the new things I’ve been trying. If anything, I think this is proof that you can learn so much from others. The majority of new products and recipes that I’ve found has been through either social media or blogs. There can be a downside to social media, but learning new things so easily is definitely one of the benefits. Have any of you tried anything new lately? Do you have any easy, quick recipes that you’d love to share? I’d love to hear about them!






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